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    Moretto to present energy-saving and intelligent solutions at K 2019

    Moretto S.p.A. will provide K 2019 visitors with an overview of unique solutions and systems, consisting of energy-saving technologies and 4.0 control and management devices for injection moulding, blow moulding, and extrusion in two exhibition areas.

    At the show, a great attention is paid to circular economy. In collaboration with a well-known OEM, Moretto will demonstrate the production of coffee cups made with bio-polymers: a 100% organic product, washable and reusable up to 500 times.

    Maximum energy efficiency even on small production

    One of the highlights is the X COMB series of dehumidifiers, which are extended in the range to cover higher production needs. These mini dryers are a real combination of patented Moretto technologies. They are fully electric, and equipped with powerful turbo-compressors, zeolite technology, the Dew Point equalizer and the exclusive OTX hopper.

    Particularly indicated for the drying of highly hygroscopic technical materials used in demanding sectors such as the medical, optical and automotive sectors, the X COMB dryers are ideal choices in terms of efficiency and energy savings.

    As for all Moretto dryers, the MOISTURE METER device, an exclusive Moretto solution for the precise in-line measurement of residual granule moisture can also be installed on the X COMB series.

    Energy saving systems dedicated to packaging and PET

    A particular attention is paid to the drying of PET granules, a delicate phase especially for large productions, typical of the rigid packaging and beverage sectors.

    In a dedicated area of the stand, Moretto will present a drying system consisting of a XD 800X series dryer combined with the OTX hopper and MOISTURE METER MANAGER. It is a solution which able to guarantee certifiable results, providing an absolute primacy in terms of energy efficiency for any type of material and a completely automatic system of the drying process.

    Another Moretto’s unique solution is the innovative turbo-compressors system of the XD 800X series dryer, together with the OTX hoppers, offer extraordinary levels of energy efficiency.

    Furthermore, the XD 800X dryers do not use either cooling water or compressed air, being this another advantage in the treatment of PET and ensuring energy saving compared to conventional dryers.

    4.0 technologies for supervision and control

    For the supervision and control of plastics processing plants, Moretto has developed the advanced MOWIS 3 supervision system, a modular software capable of adapting to the needs and to the qualitative, productive and managerial objectives of each customer, allowing connectivity between machines, processes, departments, plants and factories.

    MOWIS 3, a proprietary SCADA software entirely developed and designed "in House" is the latest evolution of Moretto's advanced supervision system, an essential tool for efficient and safe production.

    Through MOWIS 3, the user monitors the status of each machine and each operation of the system.

    MOWIS 3 is remotely controllable and communicates with business management (ERP), production (MES) and customer data management systems via the universal OPC UA protocol.

    New feeding and conveying solutions for micro-moulding?

    At K2019, Moretto will propose a series of solutions dedicated to "micro" conveying for the feeding and conveying of small quantities of technical materials.

    They are very compact feeders which are ideal for installation on stand-alone machines, on drying and dosing systems or directly on the throat of the processing machine.

    Multicomponent micro-dosing with DPM

    For micro-dosing, Moretto also offers DPM, a precision microdoser available in single-component versions and up to 4 hoppers.

    Pulsed dosing is immune to vibrations and does not require a mixer thanks to the simultaneous dosing of the components. The hoppers are removable. It can also be used for regrind recovery thanks to its compact construction.

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