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    United Caps grows with Embalatap acquisition

    Photo by United Caps Embalatap's range of closures and products.

    International caps and closures maker United Caps Luxembourg SA is doing some more uniting.

    The Wiltz, Luxembourg, company is acquiring Embalatap, a Sopelana, Spain-based maker of closures.

    Embalatap extends the product portfolio of United Caps, the acquirer said, "especially as it relates to closures for edible oils typically used in the Southern European market."

    The two companies bring complementary product lines.

    "By incorporating Embalatap solutions into our portfolio, we give customers a one-stop shopping experience for a broader range of closure solutions", said Beno?t Henckes, CEO of United Caps, in a statement. "Since there is virtually no overlap in customers or product lines we don't anticipate discontinuing products from either company in the near term."

    Joining United Caps expands Embalatap's reach.

    "United Caps brings us additional market reach, an expanded sales capability and a great support infrastructure, while our line of closures, especially for edible oils, extends United Caps' portfolio in this lucrative market," said Oscar Rojo, managing director of Embalatap, in a statement.

    Embalatap dates to 1973 and has 30 employees at its Sopelana facility. Sales are 5.6 million euros annually, and the company produces more than 500 million caps and closures each year.

    United Caps, a family owned business, has more than 500 employees in total at plants in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland Luxembourg and Spain, the company said. Plans are to maintain the Embalatap facility.

    United Caps sales were €137m in 2017.

    United Caps rebranded itself in 2015 from Procap Group and has achieved "high single digits" growth since then, the company said.

    In June, the company acquired the caps, closures and handles business of Dewit Plastics of Schoten, Belgium, integrating that work into existing operations at its Hoboken, Belgium, location. Dewit maintained injection moulding and thermoforming businesses not in the caps, closures and handles markets.

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