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    Swedish technical moulder KB Components acquires DKI Plast in Slovakia

    Swedish industrial plastic parts producer KB Components has extended its footprint in Eastern Europe with the takeover of Danish extruder and injection moulder DKI Plast, based in Slovakia.

    The acquisition, for an undisclosed sum, will see KB Components, which has European plants in Kaunas, Lithuania as well as in Sweden, expand its capacity and customer portfolio.

    With the addition of DKI’s plant at ?ilina in northern Slovakia, with a 250-strong workforce, and its €18m in annual sales, the buyer group will see its turnover pass €100m, KB said as it announced the deal.

    “Global presence is a necessity for many of our customers and through the acquisition of DKI Plast we will offer production in Sweden, Lithuania, Slovakia, Mexico and in China,” said KB Components president Stefan Andersson.

    For DKI Plast’s customers, he added, the acquisition will give access to “increased R&D resources, greater production capacity and technological know-how within automation and process control”.

    Customers of KB Components, which is headquartered in ?rkelljunga, Sweden, are in the light and heavy vehicle automotive, lighting, medical and chrome plating and other industrial businesses. Apart from its main headquarters operation, the firm has another plant at Anderstorp, Sweden with two more in Wuxi, China and Puebla, Mexico.

    Overall, KB offers injection moulding, compression moulding and injection compression moulding with injection machines from 20 – 2,700 tonnes clamping force.

    KB Components was founded in 1947 by Anders M?nson and is also a family owned and run company.

    DKI Plast, owned by the Danish Nielsen family since formation in 1946, is run day to day by Carl Erik Nielsen, now 72 years old. His company specialises in supplying technical extruded and injection moulded parts to the lighting, furniture and industrial sectors.

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